Jett Freight Consultants has over 40 years combined in the Transportation and Logistics business.  We specialize in Warehouse Management, Distribution, Retail Delivery and White Glove Delivery.  Whether you are looking to overhaul your logistics department or looking to re-brand your name, Jett Freight will help you meet your goals and reach your customers.


Jett Freight Consultants will come in to your operation, view all aspects from beginning to end and strategize with you to help make your existing operation run more efficiently and be more profitable.  We have worked hand in hand with some of the largest Retail furniture stores and ecommerce sites in the world.  


Jett utilizes the latest warehouse management and order scheduling software available on the market today.  This technology allows tracking of all orders from start to finish.  Real time tracking while orders are on the road as well as real time positioning of your delivery teams.  This software not only helps with maximizing loads, but also helps with cutting down travel time, delivery time and paperwork as well.  Get your teams back to being more productive by helping reduce wasted office time.